Thursday, May 22, 2014

Workshop Important Information

We're hoping to have lots of fun and learning tomorrow!

Here are some things to remember:
  • Please bring water bottles (refillable) for your family.
  • Period and Tavern food will be served, so it may not fit modern tastebuds.
  • We are doing chores, so there may be dirt and grime!
  • We try to plan, but there are lots unforeseen -- weather, fire, etc.
  • The Tavern is a working museum (on the National Register of Historic Places), so PLEASE be respectful of the museum, pieces and gounds.
  • There will be open flame and other dangerous tools, etc., so please stay alert.  
  • This is a volunteer led program and we are always learning!  Ask lots of questions and we will try to answer as best we can!  Remember we may not know, but we'll try to find out!
  • We are SUPER-EXCITED you are coming to dive into history with us!
It is gonna be a GREAT day!!!

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